Silver Me Up - Capped Silver

Silver Me Up - Capped Silver

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Silver Me Up - Capped Silver is the powerhouse of Silver for internal usage.

The most popular type of Silver is none other than the true colloidal silver or nano particle silver. All this means is that the silver ions are now joined together to form nano particles - extremely tiny silver that can only be measured in microns. Nano particle silver is constantly oxidising in air or water creating ions off them. These ions are ready to work, ready to act on microbes, bacterias, viruses and everything bad. 

Difference between Nanoparticle Silver and Silver Me Up Capped Silver:

Silver Me Up Capped Silver is nanoparticle Silver or True Colloidal Silver, only better. It is encapsulated nanoparticle silver. This means that each little nanoparticle is coated at a nano level, protecting these nanoparticles from the stomach acid. That means these silver have an armour and can 100% withstand hydrochloride acid in your stomach. The coating comes off in the intestines where the nanoparticle silver can now start working in the intestines and in the bloodstream.

Without the coating, most ionic or nanoparticle silver gets destroyed before it reaches the bloodstream or the intestines. 

How to Use: Add a small amount daily into your pet's water bowl or food. Regular usage will help keep your pet healthy. 

Daily Health Maintenance Dosage: Small Dog/Cat >10kg - 5ml, Medium Dog >25kg - 20ml, Large Dog >40kg - 30ml

Daily Afflicted Pet Dosage: Small Dog/Cat >10kg - 15ml, Medium Dog >25kg - 60ml, Large Dog >40kg - 90ml. Split daily dosage throughout the day for best absorption.

Concentration: Every bottle is freshly brewed, ppm is between 20-40ppm, clear golden in colour.

Silver Me Up Capped Silver is not recommended for topical application. Please choose our Ionic Silver for topical applications.

May contain traces of Manuka Honey and Gelatin. Does not contain chemicals and colourings.